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GENE High Range IQ Test is accepted for admission to the societies of GENIUS High IQ Network. GENIUS was established in 2014 by Iakovos Koukas. Its name arises from the acronym Global Evolving Network for an Intellectually Upgraded Society. GENIUS is an umbrella organization which is formed with the purpose of supporting the advancement of the global high IQ community and the communication between the members of the participant high IQ societies. It is constituted by the following 8 high IQ societies:

The High Intellect Society (THIS High IQ Society)

Global Genius Generation Group (4G High IQ Society)

Borderless Revolutionary Advanced Intellectual Network (BRAIN High IQ Society)

Exclusive Leading Institute for Thinkers' Evolution (ELITE High IQ Society)

Network for Nous, Noesis, Noema, Noology, and Novelty (6N High IQ Society)

Noetic Original Unconventional Society (NOUS High IQ Society)

Global Group for Growing Genius and Great Giftedness (6G High IQ Society)

Noetic Outstanding Ultimate Society 200 (NOUS200 High IQ Society)

GENE High Range IQ Test is accepted by GIFTED High IQ Network. GIFTED was established in 2014 by Iakovos Koukas. Its name arises from the words Global Intellectual Foundation for Thinkers Exceptionally Distinguished. GIFTED is a global list for all gifted individuals who are distinguished members of the high IQ community either by achieving high IQ scores on challenging IQ tests (supervised and/or unsupervised) or by creating successful high IQ societies, IQ tests, or online IQ groups. Thinkers from all around the globe are welcome to list there their IQ scores, societies, tests, and online groups. For all IQ listings, a standard deviation of fifteen is used. GIFTED High IQ Network is under GENIUS umbrella organization.